Natalia Pompa-Żur

Principal/Appointed teacher

Natalia Pompa-Żur has graduated from the University of Lower Silesia with a Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy, specializing in pre-school education. Is a Master in Pedagogy studies specialized in 'psychological-educational counseling'. Finished post-graduate studies of 'Organizing and management in the education sector' on the Pedagogy Studies Department of the University of Lower Silesia.

Has completed a premedical aid course. She gained the work experience while working at kindergartens in Wrocław, Finland, and Vietnam.

Mrs. Natalia is a very creative teacher, who ceaselessly improves vocational qualifications by participating in comprehensive courses or workshops. She uses excellent English speaking skills while giving classes in this language, while talking to foreign-language speaking parents, and while taking care of the volunteers from AIESEC Youth Organisation.

Her biggest hobby is traveling about which she talks to children, therefore encouraging them to explore the world. Loves to study foreign languages -  currently, she is learning Norwegian. Taking care of the environment is very important to her that is why she introduces children to waste sorting and caring about nature all around.

In March 2020, Mrs. Pompa-Żur has taken the position of the Principal.