Marta Asztemborska

Contractual teacher

Marta Asztemborska has completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wroclaw in the field of Pedagogy in the specialty of early school education and pre-school education. Supplements education at the Master's degree at the Lower Silesian University under the project "Professional teacher of kindergarten and early school education". She participated in the training "Hand therapy - practical training for educators". She has completed "Drama Workshops Expanding the Methodological Competences of Educators", thanks to which she can conduct classes containing elements of drama that are very popular with children, developing their imagination and creativity. She cooperated in the preparations and took an active part in the Workshop "Musical journeys" for preschool children organized during the Open Days of the Support and Development Center - Talent and Talent Academy. She gained professional experience through several years of cooperation with the Obornicki Cultural Center as a volunteer, supporting instructors during classes for children and youth, conducting animation activities for children, as well as actively participating in various artistic undertakings, including with children. Her passion is theatre, art, music, and literature, which translates into her activities.