Anna Niepiekło-Śliwa

Appointed teacher

Anna Niepiekło-Śliwa has completed a bachelor's degree at the Lower Silesian University in the specialty "Early school education and pre-school education" and a master's degree in the specialty "Marketing and management in education". Has completed a premedical first aid course. She graduated from the Gordon Course 'Improvising or Auditing', thanks to which she can conduct classes guiding children's musical education, using the principles of musical improvisation following the theory of E.E. Gordon.

She also completed the workshop "Method of Batia Strauss in pre-school and early school education". This course allows her to conduct classes using the method of active listening to music, which integrates various forms of activity - listening to music, dance, singing, drama, elements of pantomime. Ania is a very creative teacher who persistently deepens her knowledge and skills at various types of training, courses, and workshops.