Veronica Sherborne's method

Veronica Sherborne's Developmental Movement Method was structured in the 50-60s of the last century. It has been known in Poland since the 1970s when V. Sherborne conducted teacher training in our country. Currently, in Poland, staff training (theoretical and practical aspects) is taught by, for example, Marta Bogdanowicz, Bożena Kisiel, Alicja Wilkoładzka. Over the past 20 years, this method has become part of the methods supporting the development of children (it serves to improve communication and get to know each other better).

The Developmental Movement method refers to the most original system of communication, which is body language. The method's assumptions include training:

Participation in exercises allows the child to experience the joy of physical activity, contact with others, a sense of strength, fitness, and all of these help strengthening self-esteem. Also, it promotes orientation in the body schema and space, stimulates the desire to communicate. It promotes acceptance and strengthens a sense of security.