Development-friendly atmosphere

A method of comprehensive stimulating the development of a child in pre-school education.

An idea of the program is to create a positive environment for the comprehensive development of a child in preschool.

The teacher pursuing establishments of this program should display kindness and respect towards a child. This program encourages teachers to create a fun, dynamic atmosphere with all of the children. This way it's easier for a child to learn the fundamental abilities and habits needed. Also, it helps to prepare children to expand their physical, emotional, and creative activities. A student, properly motivated with their ideas, will show a greater ability to solve the problems and a greater tendency to deepen the knowledge. (from the book Young Investigators: The Project Approach in the Early Years by Judy Harris Helm and Lilian G. Katz)

This program is focused on five rules, called 'strands':

The first strand: polishing hand-to-eye-to-ear coordination - a foundation to develop motion intelligence

The second strand: acquiring the ability of global reading by already 3-year-olds - a foundation to comprehending the content

The third strand: strengthening intellectual development of a child

The fourth strand: operating in the world of Mathematics and Natural Science - understanding of symbols and relations occurring in those symbols

The fifth strand: integrated emotional and spiritual development, leading to interoperability with people and nature

Based on Mrs. Anna Alina Dąbrowska's program A method of comprehensive stimulating the development of a child in pre-school education which she has written after many years of experience in working with children.