Joanna Kassie-Kościukiewicz

Piano teacher, musician

Musical education takes one of the most important places in shaping the comprehensive development of a child.

A variety of forms of working with a child in this field helps them in learning foreign languages faster. It also develops sensitivity, creativity, and mathematical imagination. Music appreciation classes in the Kindergarten outreach the fundamental rhythmics curriculum. Children sing collectively and individually (breathing, voice emission, speech therapy), play the percussion instrumentation (illustrative and rhythmic accompaniment), illustrate the song lyrics, musical signals, and dance elements with a motion. Classes are held two times a week, each one 30 minutes, in every age group. 
Mrs. Kassie-Kościukiewicz is a teacher multiply rewarded by the Minister of Culture among many others. She is a prominent teacher of music and rhythmics, who prepare children for music schools. She also teaches piano individually. Challenging, perfect, and coherent. Support and a strong pillar of the Kindergarten. Actively participated in its foundation. Without Mrs. Kassie-Kościukiewicz, the Kindergarten probably wouldn't exist at all.