Olga Mandziuk

Music and vocal classes teacher

Music and vocal classes include singing in Russian and English and preparation for staging a children's opera. Classes take place twice a week for 30 minutes. in each age group.

The classes are run by Mrs Olga Mandziuk, music and singing teacher, music class instructor, choir and answering director in the Union of Ukrainians in Poland.

Olga has higher musical education, she graduated from the Ternopil National Pedagogical University in Ternopil and on June 26, 2007, she obtained the qualifications of a teacher of music, ethics, aesthetics and artistic culture. She has a diploma of the pianist of the State Music School for Children in Ternopil, the title of a junior specialist of the State Regional School of Music in Ternopil, the title of a bachelor of arts and the title of a specialist of the National Pedagogical University of Ternopil. She sang in a choir in the Church of St. Peter in Ternopil, in the choir of the College of Music and the choir of the National Pedagogical University in Ternopil. In the years 2003–2005 she worked as concertmaster and deputy choir conductor in Ternopil, later she was the choir conductor operating at the Palace of Culture in Ternopil.