Grandpa Bach

The character of Grandpa Bach is portrayed by Tadeusz Nestorowicz, who also is a trumpeter and bugler in Wroclaw.

Tadeusz Nestorowicz has higher musical and pedagogical education. He has been teaching at a music school for many years. He plays concerts both in Poland and abroad. He participated in many festivals in cities like Opole, Sopot or Zielona Góra. He runs his Nestor-Band. Every Sunday at noon a bugle call is played by Mr. Nestorowicz from the tower of the Wroclaw Town Hall.

Once a month in our kindergarten take place educational, thirty minutes concerts from the cycle "Musical World of Grandpa Bach". At each meeting, in addition to a dose of music theory, children play with Grandpa Bach they dance, sing, learn new songs. The purpose of the concerts is to sensitize children to the beauty of music, to familiarize themselves with the profiles of great composers and their masterpieces, and to learn about different musical genres. Grandpa Bach and guests invited by him - musicians, presents various musical instruments, familiarize children with their construction, and how to play on it. Children will learn the basic musical terms as well as the tradition and symbolism of our region.