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Price list

Payments for kindergarden in school year 2021/2022

entry fee

800,- PLN

each next year

400,- PLN

monthly fee (from)

1.400,- PLN

Within the tuition fee:

We are currently conducting the core curriculum for pre-school education faculties provided by the National Ministry of Education. Extension to said core curriculum is Anna Dąbrowska's authorial educational program: 'A method of comprehensive stimulating the development of a child in pre-school education', including classes:

  • global reading since 3rd year of age, according to the program 'A method of comprehensive stimulating the development of a child in pre-school education'
  • extended scope of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • a natural way of learning foreign languages:
    • English - 4 times per week
    • Russian - 2 times per week, taught by Slavic philologist 
  • music appreciation classes - 2 times per week
  • movement, speech and music therapy - 1 time per week, helps to prevent speech impediment
  • Religious Education
  • movement, speech and music therapy using inter alia Sherborne Developmental Movement technique
  • visual arts, using comprehensive art techniques
  • relaxing activities with music instead of simple resting
  • observation and natural science experiments (including trips during which children are learning about the world starting with the drop of water, ending with space) in cooperation with Nature Protection League
  • participating with parents on various trips, family picnics, sports competitions or pre-school celebrations

All children are provided with a logopedic diagnosis.

We also recommend extracurricular activities from the paid services list:

  • chess
  • individual logopedic therapy session
  • rehabilitation
  • dance class
  • individual singing and instrument playing lesson

The kindergarten is under the care of the Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center based in Wrocław, Kościuszki 31/1 Street (offices – Braniborska 57 Street)