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Catering service

Within the framework of the authorial educational curriculum, every spring we pursue origin projects "The kitchen of a pre-schooler" and "Herbs on the window sill". All of the children grow multiple herbs and sprouts (chive, dill, basil, watercress, and the like), which enrich everyday spring sandwiches.

A proper diet for a child is important not only for parents but also for our kindergarten. Rational feeding plays a big role in the correct development of a child and helps in the later educational process.

In every classroom, all of the children have access to the water pump, which makes them able to drink water throughout the day. 

Within the framework of everyday meals, they offer breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and fruit. Meals are prepared every day out of products, that are being provided in real-time. The Catering Company draws up the meals following principles of rational dieting, therefore giving the kids the right amount of nutrients needed for the proper operation of the organism. Meals consist of the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral salts and are following caloric, and energetic forms. Only healthy products are used to prepare the meals - for example, brown bread, grits, dairy products (like cheese, natural yogurts, kefir, buttermilk), multiple types of meat, and fish.

Every single meal is enriched with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Certified combi-steamer is used for fish and meat thermal processing. The company makes every effort for meals to be colorful and appealing even for the biggest "poor eaters".

Except for the basic meals, we offer to all of the children snacks in the form of raw veggies cut in small pieces. This form of serving vegetables is advised by many dentists and logopedists as a core element of speech development.

The company also provides services following the other diets, for example, a protein-free diet, a gluten-free diet, a dairy-free diet, or a vegetarian diet. Mrs. Natalia is responsible for preparing serving meals, she is a big help for us. Always kind and cheerful, cares for children to eat meals. Her warmth, smile, and kindness affect children's appetites positively.